Logistics Inventory Management

SCI manages >$1.2 billion worth of inventory daily, and the inventory control processes and systems have been perfected by the company. Working with clients in diverse industries, such as Omni-Channel Retail, Technology and Healthcare, SCI is unique in its ability to tailor its solutions specifically for their clients. If your supply chain operations are not outsourced to trusted, skilled partners, you are more likely to lose concentration on the key components of your business.

SCI’s Inventory Management benefits include:

  • Access to the most expansive network in Canada
  • Collaboration with clients to develop the best strategy to optimize the supply chain
  • Fully managed inventory, storage, fulfillment, demand planning and replenishment
  • Reduced costs and complexity
  • Optimized flow of goods inbound and outbound
  • Enhanced systems, such as WMS and TMS
  • Multi-level management through serial number tracking, product number tracking, or SKU control
  • Remote asset tracking through the network to determine physical locations
  • Staging inventory management
  • Kitting programs
  • Improved supply chain efficiency enabled by greater visibility of products in the supply chain

SCI’s inventory management solutions make it easier for you to effectively manage business and inventory to better serve your customers. Our team collaborates with you to ensure that our Inventory Management solutions reflect your distribution needs.

Within the Omni-Channel Retail sector, responding to the demands of e-commerce business can be challenging. With no restrictions on location and time, consumers have increased expectations for product accessibility. This means that e-commerce retailers have to source supply chain management partners with inventory management solutions that can help them meet the consumers’ demands. SCI can help you streamline your inventory management, which will ultimately enable you to be a competitive retailer and deliver excellent experience to your end consumers.

Inventory management for Technology clients has its specifics; SCI manages both the original equipment and its parts or components, adding unique value to your end-to-end supply chain. For technology products, inventory management is an integral part of a complete product lifecycle, including parts management.

Lastly, inventory management for Healthcare businesses requires full accountability and accuracy. With the types of sensitive products and high-value medical equipment that are being stored and transported, different approaches are taken to managing the inventory for healthcare clients. This includes fully managed inventory, demand planning and replenishment, and of course fast and accurate product recall processes to effectively manage healthcare products that should be pulled out of the market.

Learn more about our Inventory Management services specific to Omni-Channel Retail, Healthcare, or Technology industries, or contact SCI today and speak directly to an inventory management logistics expert, and see how we can help your organization become more efficient and profitable.