For companies dealing with high-value products, coordinating all the logistics elements that are required to safely and securely transport these products can be a daunting task. When extra care and technique is required for packing, handling, and managing a high-value product, you want to have the peace of mind that everything will be done properly in order to ensure that there is no loss or damage in the process. This is where a professional white glove logistics provider delivers the most value.

Kiosk InstallationMany companies attempt to handle complex transportation requirements themselves in an effort to reduce costs and minimize overhead. However, what’s often overlooked is that there is greater potential for error, damage, or loss if transportation team isn’t adequately trained, or when their equipment isn’t up to the job. In addition, when dealing with multiple locations or projects national in scope, the complexity of managing all the necessary tasks can overwhelm any business, consuming far more resources than expected. Hiring, training, and equipping a large team of personnel dedicated to dealing with complicated transportation requires a significant capital investment that many companies would rather put into their core business operations.

Adding space to existing facilities or leasing other locations in order to provide the space required for packing, handling, and storing high-value products can also be a costly endeavor. For any organization looking to streamline their supply chain and minimize overhead, increasing facility square footage has the exact opposite effect that they are looking for.

In these instances, it often makes a great deal of sense to leverage white glove logistics services from an experienced and reputable provider of high-value transportation services. White glove logistics providers such as SCI offer many capabilities that allow companies to simplify their supply chain while simultaneously improving their ability to successfully manage the transportation of high-value products.

White glove logistics providers employ highly trained personnel who specialize in handling high-value products, such as technologically advanced machinery, computerMedical Equipment Deinstall systems, and health care equipment. Products like this require carefully planned security measures and tracking systems in order to ensure that the potential for loss or damage is minimized. White glove logistics services can also include a variety of value added services such as asset tagging, inspections, packing, padding, crating and anything else your specific situation requires.

In addition to the essential tasks of proper handling and transportation, reputable white glove logistics providers should also be able to take care of installation, setup, and configuration of a wide array of high-value products and equipment. Some examples of products that fit well with a white glove logistics model are computerized self-service kiosks & instant teller banking machines. These units must be handled with care and be secured during transport, and often require substantial on-site assembly and installation. These types of tasks are not typically part of the services provided by standard transportation companies, requiring additional support from a separate technical services provider in order to be completed. White glove logistics companies deliver a complete, full-service solution for products of this nature.

National white glove logistics providers will also have a national network of secure locations and facilities at their disposal, which means that you can be confident in their ability to fulfill your needs regardless of the starting point or final destination of your products. By utilizing one logistics company that provides complete services from coast to coast, the processes used for your high-value products will be consistent across all locations. This provides an added layer of assurance that the products will be handled the same way, every time, reducing the opportunities for errors or damage to occur.

One of the major advantages of using a white glove logistics company is the fact that you will not need to make any significant investments in transportation fleet ownership. Fleet ownership carries a steep initial price tag, ongoing maintenance, fuel costs, and insurance. Whether on a small scale for only a few vehicles, or on a large scale for large fleets, vehicle ownership can be a big liability for many companies. White glove logistics providers remove this liability, further simplifying your operations and streamlining your supply chain for greater efficiencies.

Seasonal sales peaks can also be managed more effectively with white glove logistics companies, as they have a substantial pool of vehicles and personnel resources from which to draw. This means that your sales peak season becomes easier to manage, and relieves a common pain point that many companies experience year after year, allowing you to maximize the success of your seasonal sales peak.

Lastly, white glove logistics providers are a huge benefit to companies that ship internationally and regularly deal with customs clearance as products cross from country to country. The customs experts that white glove logistics providers employ help ensure smooth, problem-free transition of high-value products across international borders, saving time and avoiding costly delays. Customs delays result in confusion and lost revenue, as projects that are dependent on timely delivery of high-value products can be thrown completely off schedule. White glove services help improve customer satisfaction by providing more efficient transportation and greater predictability for international shipments.

Ultimately, white glove logistics providers are equipped to deliver a full, turn-key solution for the warehousing, packing, tracking, staging, configuration, shipping, inside delivery and installation of all types of high-value products. They help simplify your entire supply chain by consolidating a long list of tasks that would otherwise require substantially greater investment in personnel and equipment, or perhaps multiple third-party contractors that would result in significant challenges with the consistency of how your products are handled.

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