Shopping online is officially mainstream in Canada. Ordering goods and services online in Canada has been growing by 15% year over year and this growth isn’t expected to slow anytime soon. In 2016, 21 million Canadian consumers, or 80% of the population of Canada made at least 1 online purchase. These consumers represent a group larger than the entire populations of either New York or Florida states, and 44% of these online purchases were made with online retailers located in the U.S.

Given the substantial population, Canada is a market that should not be overlooked by US retailers. The majority of Canada’s population live very close to the US border, and when you couple this with Canadian shopper’s appetite (and need), for purchasing from businesses south of the border, American online retailers are presented with an incredible opportunity for growing their e-commerce business.

To take advantage of the Canadian market, and depending on the size of the business, US retailers will want to ensure they have an effective retail supply chain strategy in place to maximize efficiencies and maintain customer satisfaction levels of their Canadian customers.

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