Loyal customers are the lifeblood of any successful e-commerce enterprise. Canada Post’s new report breaks down the six key drivers of loyalty across a shopper’s end-to-end path to purchase. The results are drawn from a survey of some 5,000 Canadian online shoppers about their behaviours, experiences, and opinions. The report covers the following key points:

– How visibility and accessibility of products builds brand confidence

– How free shipping impacts shopper satisfaction and affects the overall experience

– How an ideal checkout experience keeps customers coming back

– How long Canadian shoppers are willing to wait for online purchases to be delivered

– How providing different delivery options influences customer loyalty

– Why a poor returns process is a bigger problem than many merchants think

This insightful report will expose any gaps in your current offering, and help you decide where to focus your energy and investment when trying to meet the six elements of the e-commerce experience most likely to influence shopper loyalty.

Download the report.