Ecommerce in Canada has been growing and evolving at a high pace. In order to meet the expectations and cater to the Canadian consumers, companies are transforming their online stores to adapt to the changes. Online shoppers in Canada are still driven by the ability to compare prices, brands, and features along with the possibility of shopping anytime. As Canadians get more comfortable shopping online, they continue to broaden the range of product categories purchased. From sporting goods to groceries, this changing behaviour is driving emerging ecommerce categories.

With 8 in 10 Canadians shopping online, the growth seen today in ecommerce is no longer from net-new shoppers but instead from those who are shopping with greater frequency. In order to succeed in ecommerce, tapping into the “hyper shopper” (those purchasing 24 or more times per year) is essential. Hyper shoppers are prevalent in both Millennial and Gen X segments, and to succeed with these unique groups, tailored strategies are integral. While the Millennial values information provided by blogs and social media, the Gen X’er will value fast free shipping and the ability to save time. The shift to mobile shopping will also affect the strategy of businesses selling online. Canadians are slowly shifting to shopping more from mobile devices, therefore, ensuring that your company’s online store is mobile capable, is very important.

Want more? Canada Post recently published a whitepaper based on consumer research of 5000 Canadian online shoppers. Click below to download the whitepaper and learn more about the changing Canadian e-commerce landscape and which shopper segments are behind this growth.

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