Canadian Kiosk Market Report Discussed on the Spice Podcast

New proprietary research from SCI and Signifi Solutions Inc. reveals that investment in self-service technologies is exploding in Canada.

Jamie McDowell, Vice President of Marketing at Signifi Solutions, was recently featured on the Spice Podcast, discussing the 2021 Canadian Kiosk Market Report which was published in partnership with SCI.

Spice Radio is a well-known radio station based in Vancouver, BC. The Spice Podcast was created as an extension of the radio station, and shares everything from local news to news on politics, work trends, the economy and technology.

In this informative conversation, Jamie examines new research that identifies the increasing popularity of self-serve kiosks and covers a range of topics including:

  • What is a self-serve kiosk?
  • How much more are businesses investing in these kiosks since the beginning of the pandemic?
  • What are some predications for the long term? Will more businesses use this technology?
  • How are self-serve kiosks helpful for businesses to be more efficient?
  • How is the consumer perception of automation changing?
  • What sectors are investing in this technology the most?

To learn more about the adoption of kiosk technology in Canada, changes in spending, drivers and key outcomes of investment, fill in the form to download The 2021 Canadian Kiosk Market Report.