Order Fulfillment for Healthcare

Meeting the challenges of today’s healthcare supply chain isn’t the easiest goal to achieve. SCI’s team steadily works hard at developing tailored solutions and the type of order fulfillment services that the healthcare sector requires. With over 30 years of valuable experience working with clients who confidently and fully trust our abilities, SCI has lead the industry as a highly diverse supply chain partner, not only providing such solutions but also guiding our clients to succeed in delivering better outcomes. By merging our logistics expertise with state-of-the-art innovations, SCI offers reliable and effective solutions to match your healthcare logistics’ and services’ needs, operating as an extension of your business. With a broad product portfolio, the flow of information is critical in order to provide visibility for clients. SCI is a diverse end-to-end 3PL that offers various healthcare order fulfillment services to help you manage your products and inventory, such as:

  • Strategically placed distribution centres across the country, allowing for extreme accessibility for our clients
  • Dedicated and shared operations based on the size of your business and your business’ needs
  • Validated Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Reverse logistics services
  • Precision in quality assurance
  • eProcurement, enabled by Electronic Data Exchange (EDI)
  • Automatic identification and data capture systems
  • cGMP facilities
  • Traceability systems
  • Increased visibility and security in the healthcare supply chain
  • Work efficiency

SCI has a knowledgeable and skilled team that understands the complex nature of healthcare order fulfillment, including order management, warehouse management, inventory management, fulfillment and distribution, and our quality management is paramount to these processes.

SCI improves access to support clinicians by allowing them to be more effective and reduce excess inventory or waste within the supply chain. At SCI, we have multiple storage capabilities that can be offered to our healthcare clients, varying from pallet, bin, unit case pick all within temperature and humidity controlled environments. SCI is also able to provide access to our network of 41 forward stocking locations which are strategically positioned in each province across the country to effectively reduce the delivery timeline for high value, sensitive and time critical parts.

Our integrated fulfillment services lessen process inefficiencies and reduce costs, while allowing your team to focus on direct patient care and services. The exceptional services you deserve are only a click away.

Contact SCI to learn more about our Healthcare Order Fulfillment services and discover the advantages of partnering with us.