Inventory Management for Medical Device Manufacturers

Inventory management for the healthcare sector is different from other industries. Keeping in mind the highly sensitive and typically expensive types of products and medical equipment that are stored and transported, more comprehensive approaches have to be taken to manage the inventory for our clients in this industry. Healthcare businesses that choose not to outsource their supply chain to trusted, knowledgeable partners are more susceptible to losing sight of serving their patients for a better outcome. SCI is a national leader in third party logistics services, and can assist you in streamlining your inventory management. Every healthcare business has their specific individual supply chain needs; SCI can successfully direct you through the processes and help you effectively overcome challenges and avoid risks or problems before they emerge.

SCI’s Healthcare Inventory Management benefits include:

  • Reduced costs and complexity through SCI’s inventory management solutions
  • Fully managed inventory, including management of storage, fulfillment, demand planning and replenishment
  • Collaborating with our healthcare clients to develop the best plan to re-shape and re-develop the supply chain
  • Access to our network as a single source provider
  • Optimized flow of products inbound and outbound
  • Controlled inventory-related costs by projecting optimum inventory levels
  • Inclusive services and enhanced systems and solutions, such as WMS (SAP), TMS
  • cGMP facilities
  • Insightful analytics that deliver supply chain certainty and accurate planning that helps SCI and their healthcare clients make conclusions and decisions about their business
  • Improved supply chain efficiency by enabling a higher level of visibility of products in the supply chain
  • Automatic identification and data capture systems, including bar codes and RFID
  • Faster and more accurate product recall processes to better manage healthcare products that should no longer be available for consumption

In order to improve product flow and velocity, SCI recognizes and eliminates non-value activities, and removes extra touch points that obstruct the optimization of the medical and health supply chain. SCI’s skilled team with over three decades of experience are known in the industry to make a positive impact on all of our clients’ businesses. We provide optimized, efficient solutions and processes to increase productivity in the supply chain and your overall business operations, making us a preferred partner for health sector clients.

Learn more about our Healthcare Inventory Management services, discover the many benefits of partnering with Canada’s leading supply chain solutions provider, and see how SCI can help increase productivity, and minimize errors in all aspects of the supply chain – contact us today.