Healthcare Disposition Management

SCI’s educated and experienced healthcare logistics team understands that all the decisions in the healthcare supply chain and transportation solutions have an impact on a patient. We know that healthcare products, devices and equipment require special logistics solutions, and this includes reverse logistics and disposition.

In the end of the product lifecycle, when healthcare products or equipment are meant to be disposed of, SCI carries out Disposition Management practices to ensure that the waste is properly managed, while adhering to the strict Canadian environmental regulations. SCI partners with licensed waste management organizations across the country to ensure safety and environmental best practices are followed, and that our disposal efforts contribute to a safe and environmentally sustainable solution.

SCI’s Disposition Management services for our healthcare clients provide the following features and benefits:

  • SCI’s validated SAP Warehouse Management System fully meets the required transactional controls for products that are to be disposed of
  • SCI’s collaboration with healthcare clients to develop, execute and monitor disposition policies and certify that those policies are consistent with our client’s quality system
  • With designated and segregated areas in our facilities, SCI ensures that the products intended for disposition are not available to your consumers or their patients for purchase, unless it is appropriately authorized

With over 30 years of valuable experience, SCI’s team of skilled and committed 3PL professionals continuously work hard to make sure that we completely satisfy our medical and healthcare clients in everything we do. SCI’s ultimate goal is to provide the most efficient, cost effective and high quality solutions in the industry, while remaining environmentally conscious and focused on patients’ safety, which is why we are the healthcare sector’s preferred partner.

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