Sameday Transportation Services for Healthcare

For those who work in healthcare, dealing with emergency situations is the norm. Occasionally patients require medical products urgently, and SCI understands the importance and challenges associated with delivering the vital products quickly in order to ensure the best outcome. SCI’s Sameday Transportation Services are the perfect solution to meeting critical timelines.

SCI’s commitment to their healthcare partners and their patients is apparent in their same day flexible delivery solutions, including:

  • Less than 1 hour delivery depending on the location
  • Other same day possibilities varying on location and urgency, such as direct drive services from our facility to clients’, and next flight out for distant locations where same day truck delivery is not feasible
  • Comprehensive ground and air transportation services

With these sameday delivery solutions in place, the benefits to healthcare clients are evident:

  • Real time online tracking through SCI’s web-based portal
  • Electronic pick-up and delivery confirmations: all SCI drivers are equipped with advanced mobile equipment
  • Priority freight status when required
  • A unique point of contact to accommodate all client’s transportation needs
  • 24 / 7 bilingual customer service and logistics planning team, available to serve your expedited shipping requirements
  • On-time performance, tracking, and visibility

SCI’s comprehensive network allows for the unique ability to serve 94% of the Canadian population within a 4 hour drive time, which is ideal for urgent transportation of healthcare products. Our diverse service offerings provide our healthcare clients with choices when they need to transport time sensitive supplies to their patients or customers. With SCI’s wide selection of transportation options we are able to provide clients with enhanced flexibility, with no exception to how small or large your shipment may be.

SCI’s enhanced technology provides shipment milestone tracking and visibility for our clients to ensure the peace of mind in knowing that your critical shipments arrive on time to your clients. Additionally, our experienced team offers supply chain planning services to develop and implement a delivery plan that meets you service expectations, while providing you the best economic value for your shipments.

SCI’s trusted team of dedicated, skilled, and knowledgeable professionals share the vision and values of their clients, and with SCI’s coast-to-coast national coverage, you are getting the most effective same day transportation solution.

To experience the advantages of SCI’s Sameday Transportation Services first hand, contact SCI today and learn more about the benefits of partnering with a nationally leading supply chain solutions provider.