Healthcare Home Delivery & Set Up

Something unique about SCI that is unmatched in the industry are the exclusive services which the company offers to help you care for your patients in delivering better outcomes. We understand that some patients require home delivery of health care equipment, medical devices and other medical supplies or medicines, and SCI works in partnership with health care organizations to enable this support for individuals who require medical care while living independently at home. As more care is shifted from hospital to home, SCI is well positioned to support our healthcare clients’ needs and the customers you serve, ensuring that the supply chain steps are well coordinated to support patients’ safe transitions across the healthcare continuum.

The number of requests for the home delivery of medical supplies and medical equipment is quickly increasing due to more frequent hospital discharges, disease acuity, and population growth. Challenges with the timely and correct delivery of supplies and equipment may put patients at risk, and result in hospital readmissions, which consequently lead to a negative impact on the patients’ health outcome, while putting additional budget pressure on hospitals.

SCI has cGMP logistics execution systems that provide full control of physical operations, including receiving, put-away, picking, order fulfillment, kitting, reverse logistics, administration, and quality control. We have an expertly skilled and fully trained team that ensures our healthcare client’s service levels are consistently met. That being said, with our breadth of services and highly experienced and educated team, it is clear why SCI is the preferred partner to take care of the healthcare supply chain needs.

Within SCI’s central distribution operations, the company conducts order consolidation for medical devices, medical supplies and personal support equipment, as well as assembly and staging for direct delivery to patient’s homes. The breadth of capabilities includes set up of equipment as required, returns management of supplies and equipment, as well as product maintenance and decontamination.

As a supply chain leader for more than 30 years, SCI is perfectly set up to provide clients with a consistent service that is valuable and efficient, while remaining cost effective, consequently meeting the demanding realities of the current healthcare industry dynamics.

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