Healthcare High Value Transportation Services

In the supply chain and transportation industry in Canada, SCI is the national leader in white glove shipping of high value products and equipment. In the healthcare sector, the high value transportation services are especially relevant and valuable. Since healthcare products and equipment tend to be very expensive, they require special handling in order to function properly and avoid damage. SCI’s healthcare clients benefit from the fact that we capably handle, transport and install high value and sensitive medical equipment, such as MRIs, CAT scanners and ultrasound equipment. By implementing a safe and secure practice for “white glove” transportation of high value products and equipment, SCI ensures that the healthcare clients can fully rely on our specially tailored transportation services.

SCI’s team of skilled drivers transport laboratory devices, dental systems, as well as diagnostic, imaging, therapy and optical equipment from the manufacturing site or distribution centre to its final destination. All of the high value equipment is delivered in air-ride padded vans, in a temperature controlled environment to ensure the integrity of the sensitive items. SCI White Glove offers the unparalleled, best in class set of transportation services that include:

  • Pick-up at manufacturer’s site
  • Intermediate storage and consolidation
  • Distribution through the national high value network
  • Dedicated transportation and special fleet
  • Site survey, pre-advice and project coordination
  • Direct delivery to site
  • Tailgate service
  • Specialized transport equipment if required (fridge cart, skid, 4-wheel dolly, hydraulic cart, automatic stair crawler, and moving pads and straps, etc.)
  • Unpacking, positioning, assembly and mounting on wall, ceiling or floor
  • Installation / de-installation
  • Powering up the equipment
  • Performing functional tests
  • User support (instruction and documentation)

SCI’s drivers are highly skilled, and can be trained to handle customers’ equipment and products. This allows drivers to complete technical tasks and activities on behalf of the clients, and enhance the end customer experience while reducing the time from delivery to installation. This results in efficient, cost effective, and organized transportation of high value healthcare products and medical equipment.

With over 30 years of valuable experience, SCI’s team works hard to ensure that all the steps taken to deliver your high value medical equipment and products result in a better outcome for both the client and their customers or patients. That being said, this is why SCI is a trusted and valued partner in the healthcare industry.

Contact SCI White Glove to learn more about High Value Product Transportation in the healthcare sector and to discover more benefits of partnering with us for your supply chain needs.