Healthcare Logistics Regulatory Compliance

Medical device manufacturers, life science companies, healthcare providers and natural health product distributors and manufacturers value SCI for trustworthy, high quality and cost effective solutions, and the expansive network that reaches patients from coast-to-coast. When it comes to serving healthcare patients, you have to pay close attention to their safety and abide by the rules established by the current Canadian Regulations and regulatory guidelines or standards. SCI’s Quality Management System ensures that you can effectively comply to regulatory standards, so that your patients receive the best quality care.

It is apparent that when it comes to compliance to regulatory standards, the healthcare sector is highly regulated and requires adequate process controls to properly manage product distribution, storage, transportation and value added services throughout the supply chain. Sensitivity and security of the customer product and reputation are paramount to SCI. This ensures health and safety of our client’s patients and customers. SCI’s team has the ability to propose scalable, innovative and customized supply chain solutions. Our highly trained and knowledgeable professional team brings to the table extensive expertise which makes SCI a favoured partner for delivering healthcare supply chain solutions.

The many benefits of connecting with SCI as a healthcare logistics and distribution partner include:

  • Robust Quality Management Systems ensuring compliant warehousing and transportation solutions, consistent with our clients’ quality and external regulators’ requirements, guidelines, and standards
  • Product inspection services when products are delivered to our facilities
  • cGMP warehouses with controlled environment for healthcare products
  • Designated locations within the warehouse for managing quarantined products
  • Efficient solutions and value added services for healthcare products that include natural health products, cosmetics, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals. These services include: kitting, cleaning returned medical device, supporting and maintaining retention samples, providing home deliveries, to name a few

SCI maintains Medical Device Establishment Licence for some of our healthcare-dedicated facilities that distributes medical devices. All SCI healthcare facilities are compliant with the Food and Drug Act of Health Canada for handling healthcare products.

SCI’s trustworthiness and accountability makes it the best 3PL choice for healthcare supply chain partnership. Our operational procedures for compliance to regulatory standards provide our clients with assurance that their contribution to Canada’s healthcare sector is resulting in a better outcome for their patients.

Contact SCI to learn more about sound compliance to regulatory standards and the current regulations, and the advantages of partnering with an accountable and innovative 3PL.