Retail Order Fulfillment

The initial order placement for the product by a retail store or an e-commerce consumer is the first of the many steps in the retail or e-commerce order fulfillment process. Not only are there many steps in the order fulfillment process for a retailer, with the recent trend in the growth of e-commerce, this process is presented with an additional challenge of delivering high volume of orders directly to the end consumer, and can vary from operation to operation. Following the initial step of the order being placed for fulfillment, different processes are set in motion, such as:

  • Order acknowledgement, where an order confirmation email or message is sent to the retail store or end consumer to ensure the order is received
  • Invoicing of the order, and its being billed to the retailer or consumer
  • Order planning to determine the location of items that need to be shipped
  • Order changes, if necessary
  • Processing of the order which entails steps that require the distribution centre to fulfill the order (picking, packing, shipping, etc.)
  • Shipment of the products to the retail store or end consumer, using the most convenient and efficient method for delivery
  • Track and trace systems that allow the consumer or retailer to view the past and present status and location of the goods while in transit or dropped off at different interim facilities, estimated time of delivery and when they are delivered to the final destination

With a highly skilled, extremely knowledgeable and motivated team of professionals, SCI continuously strives to conduct an innovative, efficient and dependable process to ensure that your products will be delivered to your satisfied and valued customers, whether it is straight to a retail store or to the end consumers directly.

The flow of information and products are important to track in order to provide visibility to an e-commerce retailer. Customers expect the online retail store to deliver the same level of customer service as the physical retail store. That being said, SCI’s retail order fulfillment process ensures that your retail customers will be satisfied with the online shopping experience.

SCI is a diverse end-to-end 3PL that offers various retail order fulfillment services to help you manage your logistics processes and inventory, such as:

  • Distribution centres in many strategic locations across the country
  • Dedicated and shared operations
  • WMS
  • Reverse logistics including consumer returns management
  • Precision in quality assurance
  • E-commerce services (visibility of orders, stock levels, and shipping information)

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