Dedicated and Shared Operations

In all retail e-commerce operations, it is important to partner with the right supply chain solutions company so that they can cater to all of the needs of your growing retail business. SCI is a leading provider of retail supply chain solutions and has the ability to diversify and adapt based on its client’s needs and preferences. With great devotion to the clients, their brand and their customers’ satisfaction and overall consumer experience, SCI provides highly scalable and client centric solutions to create efficiency in retail operations and influence sustained success in your business. When it comes to where your operations will be held, SCI has both dedicated and shared facilities to help your retail business’ day-to-day processes.

Dedicated Operations

SCI’s knowledge about the needs of an exceedingly dynamic and constantly changing retail business gives them an advantage in the logistics and supply chain industry. Some larger businesses would benefit from dedicated space to fulfill their operations in, due to the volume of products they have stored in their facility and type of operations.

Some of the benefits that come with SCI’s Dedicated Operations are:

  • Reduced costs by remaining efficient in processes
  • Enhanced customer service for your retail e-commerce business through operating metrics improvements
  • High level of flexibility and scalability to cater to your business growth and overall needs

As an extremely committed, trustworthy, and innovative 3PL provider, SCI offers flexible and scalable solutions that can ultimately improve your retail business by best in class warehousing and distribution infrastructure.

Shared Operations

Shared operations are no different in exhibiting the advantages of partnering with SCI. As a national leader in third party logistics, SCI understands clients and the costs associated with warehousing, thus the shared facilities are here to:

  • Minimize labour costs
  • Reduce extra inventory
  • Ultimately lead to only paying for the space that you require

In addition, through strategic planning and grouping, SCI’s team of professional solution developers and engineers appropriately decides which businesses would group well to share a facility together, which is determined based on size, type of business and the style of operations and processes, to name a few.

Your trust in SCI for your retail supply chain needs will truly bring you one step closer to the progressive and productive results you desire for your successful growing business, as well as inclusively improve your customer service with these enhanced operations.

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