Retail Warehousing & Distribution

Building on more than 30 years of experience in supply chain management, SCI has the knowledge to expertly and seamlessly manage your overall Omni-channel warehousing and distribution service strategy.
SCI’s warehouses store $1.2 billion worth of clients’ products ranging from apparel and footwear, toys, electronics, arts and crafts supplies, food, sporting goods, cosmetics and health products to general merchandise. Whatever your business is, SCI has the solutions to your warehousing and distribution challenges.

SCI Warehouse Services – Four Easy Steps:

  1. Ship your goods to one of SCI’s many facilities and let the SCI team take care of warehouse space availability. After carefully evaluating your needs, SCI will provide customized solutions which include a dedicated or shared warehouse space. Sharing a warehouse with three or four customers whose business models and sizes are similar to yours may be a viable solution, as besides sharing the space you also share the costs (rent, system, labour). Let SCI demonstrate the merits of the solution that is best for your business
  2. Upon receiving your goods, SCI unpacks them, verifies quantities received versus shipping slip, records discrepancies if any, stores your products in the warehouse and enters the data in state-of-the art distribution management systems accessible 24/7, recording every operation for full traceability
  3. As you sell your products, orders are entered in your system that integrates seamlessly with SCI’s, allowing for immediate order fulfillment. Products are scanned at every step, guaranteeing traceability. SCI processes over 22,300 orders every day across Canada with a best-in-class 99.9% accuracy. Nobody does it better
  4. The SCI team will pick, bundle, pack, label and ship your orders accurately and in a timely manner for regular, same-day delivery or next flight out. SCI has the capability to pick large quantities of products or multiple SKUs for shipment at the lowest possible cost. The facilities can easily handle promotional material insertion, gift wrapping or other distribution services

SCI’s unique partnership with Canada Post and Purolator ensures high quality delivery service, preferred delivery rates and extended pick-up times. SCI is uniquely positioned to offer coast-to-coast coverage that other providers simply can’t compare with.

SCI’s streamlined distribution process provides additional benefits to customers:

  • Significantly reduced distribution costs
  • Better control over inventory
  • Convenient and easy returns management solutions
  • Enhanced customer relationships
  • Higher brand loyalty
  • Increased sales

Contact us today and put SCI to the test – our warehousing & distribution experts will recommend the best strategies and solutions for your retail supply chain, providing you with maximum warehousing & distribution efficiency.