Retail Store Level POS Technical Support

With over 30 years of valuable experience, SCI’s team has contributed to the success of many retail clients, which is why we are a favoured partner in the retail sector. SCI takes pride in the fact that they can efficiently take care of the point-of-sale (POS) equipment for their satisfied retail clients.

Not only does SCI engage in delivering this equipment, they also provide ongoing store level technical support. Store level technical support offered by SCI’s skilled and knowledgeable team means that they will deliver the POS equipment to the retail store, do the necessary set up and installation, and provide ongoing assistance with any post-sales technical issues.

For instance, SCI can offer technical support after the delivery of a cash register, or an electronic scale, or a pin pad to your retail store, including:

  • Forward parts distribution
  • Break-fix or swap
  • Installation/move/addition/change (IMAC)
  • Returns
  • Repairs
  • Part planning
  • Procurement management
  • Bilingual call centre
  • Real time case closure reporting to ensure regulatory compliance (debit/credit terminal)

With the combination of delivery, installation and post-sales support for our retail clients, we remove the need for outsourcing multiple services to get your business running, consequently introducing cost effectiveness and saving you time through efficient and productive POS delivery and support programs.

The benefits of SCI’s Retail Store Level POS Technical Support are apparent in the integration of a service solution with three essential components. This consists of:

  • Technicians
  • Inventory
  • Sameday transportation

With these three components, SCI exhibits their boundless capabilities as not just a third party logistics provider, but as a true partner that reduces your retail location’s downtime and performs much more for you as a valued client from the moment your equipment is delivered to continuously troubleshooting the technical issues that may occur as this equipment is being used. That being said, SCI is a trusted, dedicated and educated supply chain company with very diverse competencies.

SCI’s solutions are beneficial due to the fact that the company has the advantage of providing services on a national scale, with over 35+ field stocking locations, 13 configuration centres, and 8 specialized transportation centres. With the understanding that retailers serve their consumers regularly, and commonly all days of the week, SCI’s national coverage ultimately provides retailers with highly sufficient and trustworthy services to deliver, set up and provide ongoing technical support for your retail store’s POS systems.

Contact SCI today to learn more about the benefits of the Retail POS Technical Support Services.