Specialized Retail Kitting

For an omni channel retailer, time and money are two key factors that can determine the overall success of your business. When there is lost time, retailers are susceptible to losing focus on their end goal of selling their products, which commonly occurs when money is not invested in the core processes and operations, slowing the retailer’s business down.

SCI provides unique solutions to help their retail clients remain efficient and cost effective in their business operations. To help our omni channel retail clients effectively manage their time and money, SCI offers Specialized Retail Kitting and Repackaging solutions as one of their many value added services so that you can effectively tailor your products for diverse retail markets.

Some of the Specialized Retail Kitting and Repackaging services offered by SCI include:

  • Kitting and packaging of products
  • Automated kitting
  • Clamshell packaging
  • Gift wrapping of special orders and deliveries
  • Promotional material insertions containing brand information and offers for future purchases
  • Instructional manuals and contracts insertion for the consumer’s convenience
  • Specialized bagging, such as poly bagging to protect the product during storage and shipment
  • Barcoding and labeling, so that products can be easily tracked through the supply chain and are ready for easy returns by the end consumer
  • Disassembling and reassembling
  • Special kitting options for new product launches or special promotions
  • Repackaging certain products to your preferred retail packaging

Specialized kitting and repackaging are labour-intensive and require ample storage room. Omni channel retailers who take care of their own specialized kitting for their products are challenged with a lack of time and space, which is why SCI is a favoured partner by retail clients for our kitting programs to take that intense load and time consuming assignment off of them.

Specialized kitting is beneficial for e-commerce retailers as it speeds up the process of getting your products in your consumers’ hands. When SCI is responsible for our client’s Specialized Retail Kitting needs, reduced costs and operational efficiencies are just a few of the benefits they can enjoy.

As a leading third party logistics provider, with over 30 years of valuable experience and a team of highly educated professionals, SCI helps its clients become market leaders due to its ability to offer the best solutions in the industry, such as Specialized Retail Kitting and Repackaging services.

Discover the benefits of our solutions and contact SCI today to see how we can help with your Specialized Retail Kitting and Repackaging needs.