Retail Returns Handling (Reverse Logistics)

Though SCI’s apparent focus is to get your products in your consumer’s hands, efficient and effective retail returns operations are also implemented to help you avoid unnecessary hassle. SCI understands the complicated nature of retail consumer returns and is here to assist you with this challenging process. Many retailers struggle with consumer returns handling due to lack of time, space and resources.   Add the extra effort for processing returns from online sales in your brick and mortar stores and it is easy to see how handling returns can cause bottlenecks and lead to “lost” inventory due to the time associated with restocking.

Let SCI manage the complexity of processing returns, improve your inventory efficiency and reduce the costs and headaches associated with reverse logistics. SCI’s Retail Reverse Logistics processes include:

  • Reporting visibility throughout the process
  • Product inspection
  • Initiating the customer credit return process
  • Product re-kitting and/or re-packaging
  • Return to vendor for credit
  • Re-stocking
  • Disposal
  • Replacement of parts

With the full and seamless integration of your inventory management system with SCI’s, careful scanning every step of the way, you have full traceability and real-time visibility of returned items 24/7.

What if the returned item is broken? In some product categories SCI’s experts can do minor repairs and test it before re-entering the item into stock, or take the necessary steps to have it replaced if it falls under the manufacturer’s warranty. If the warranty is expired, SCI will dispose of the item by either giving it to a charity or recycling it according to best sustainable practices, after removing the label.

Simplify Handling Returns in your Retail Stores

Returned merchandise is often left in a store’s backroom for handling at a later date, if at all. That is especially true during peak periods. SCI makes it hassle-free for its retail clients, ensuring that all consumer returns are conveniently consolidated in a single place with the following benefits:

  • Keeping the paperwork to a minimum
  • Getting credited faster for the returned merchandise
  • Improved cash flow

SCI’s boundless knowledge in Retail Returns Handling consequently provides clients with exceptional and trusted logistics services and helps you deliver the best service to your valued consumers.

Contact SCI to learn more about the benefits of partnering with SCI and how we can help you with all your retail and e-commerce returns and reverse logistics.