Retail Transportation Services

There are many benefits to outsourcing your omni channel retailing transportation operations, and SCI is the most trusted 3PL provider to perform this service. With SCI’s unique integration with Canada Post, the advantages of partnering with SCI for your retail transportation service needs are even more evident. SCI’s provides fully managed Retail Transportation services that include:

  • Strategic Retail Transport Network Planning
  • Retail eProcurement Web Portals
  • Shipping Management and Track & Trace
  • Freight Settlement
  • Performance Reporting
  • Analytics that help determine trends and opportunities for cost reduction
  • Direct to store delivery programs
  • Sameday retail fulfillment delivery services
  • Support for your online/retail consumer delivery requirements
  • Zone-skip for larger retailers to lower costs

SCI’s Retail Transportation Services are here to help your business grow and distribute products to your customers by leveraging pre-established networks of carriers that are integrated into our transportation management system (TMS), and can be connected to procurement tools, consequently optimizing your omnichannel retail distribution strategy.

Contact SCI to learn more about how you can leverage our Retail Transportation services.