Retail Network Modelling

Successful retail or e-commerce businesses rely on efficient supply chain services to cater to their many customers spread across the country. SCI’s supply chain network modeling is a proven method of developing the lowest cost supply chain network while meeting clients’ service level requirements, and ultimately improving the end consumer experience and loyalty to your brand.

With 27 distribution centres, 35+ field stocking locations, 8 specialized transportation centres, 13 technical service centres, and access to the widest final mile delivery network in Canada, SCI brings to the table an unmatched geographical coverage and the capability to optimize your supply chain through network modeling.

SCI examines your retail requirements and determines the necessary facility size, inventory levels, inbound and outbound transportation volumes to strategically map out the facility locations across the country while reducing costs and eliminating extra touch points in the retail supply chain. This includes:

  • Strategically placing retail or e-commerce distribution centres based on consumer density to ensure quick delivery to your consumers
  • Determining the need for a single or multiple retail distribution centres based on your shipping requirements (sameday, next day, etc.) to help you quickly deliver goods to a large percentage of consumers
  • Avoiding transportation costs by placing inventory close to the point of consumption – locating retail distribution centres in densely populated areas

SCI utilizes Paragon Multi-Depot Routing software which allows planning routes and schedules for multiple sites. Paragon allows SCI to input delivery quantities, time windows, vehicle sizes, driver shift details, and other transport parameters. This software is also used in conjunction with PC Miler, which allows more accurate plotting of the depots and customer delivery locations.

SCI also offers various types of routing solutions, such as Dynamic Routing. This allows SCI to link live order volumes and better streamline transport routes to help cut costs and improve efficiency of the transportation operation.

SCI’s expertise in analyzing and determining network modelling options results in efficient and cost-effective retail and e-commerce operations to help you successfully manage your business and thrive in the market.

Contact SCI today to hear more about SCI’s Retail Network Modelling services and to discover the many benefits of partnering with a nationally known and trusted supply chain solutions provider.