Warehousing & Distribution

With 3+ million sq. ft of fulfillment centres coast to coast, SCI offers a range of dedicated & shared warehousing options across the National distribution network

Order Fulfillment

With 27 order fulfillment logistic centers reaching 95% of Canadians within 24 hours, SCI quickly fulfills customer orders, while ensuring 99.9% inventory accuracy

Value-added Services

Focus on getting your products in your customer’s hands while SCI takes care of labour-intensive tasks such as labeling, kitting, gift wrapping & other logistics services

Returns Handling

SCI makes e-commerce returns easy. We allocate space & resources to handle returns, with complete visibility so inventory is quickly returned back to stock


Canadian supply chain management is rapidly evolving in new and innovative ways to better support Omni Channel Retail partners and continue delivering exceptional service and on-time delivery. Here are a few of the trends SCI is watching today.

42% of Canadian online orders are clothing, footwear and related items

76% of Canadians shop online *.
42% of Canadian online orders are clothing, footwear and related items**. E-commerce is growing in popularity as Canadians enjoy the flexibility of ordering online and deciding where to pick their orders up. As an apparel or footwear retailer, you need a 3PL partner that can support your omnichannel retail strategy from start to finish. Here are a few key considerations:

  • How can you sell more?
  • How can you ensure that your product is distributed close to the point of consumption?
  • How can SCI help you sell across multiple channels, including e-commerce and retail stores?

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* Statistics Canada, How Canada Shops. Canadian Online Retail Forecast, 2014 To 2019, Forrester Research Inc. Consumer Delivery Preferences, CP 14-206.

** CIRA Internet tracking study/Strategic Counsel

Make returns easy

Returns can be upwards of 30% for online retailers

Customers expect to buy online and return items in any channel hassle-free. In fact, the success of an online channel is partially dependent on a highly flexible return policy. However, living up to this expectation is much more complex for a retailer.

Retailers often ask: “How can we improve our return process to repackage and resell returned items faster and avoid markdowns?”

At SCI we support a wide range of reverse logistics services for omni channel retailing from credit card adjustments, to repackaging a returned item, to quickly restocking it for resale, or disposing of damaged items. We have solutions to solve the consumer returns challenge:

  • For an online order, a return label is inserted in the package before shipment. All the customer has to do is stick it to the return package and drop it off at a designated courier outlet
  • If a customer prefers to return it into a store, we make it easy for the store team, too, by providing a slip for them to ship the item back to our facility. No excessive paperwork, no extra effort, and no further tasks added for the store’s “to do” list. This simplified process, especially during peak times, ensures that your merchandise is quickly restocked for resale
  • Once the package arrives at our facility, we unpack it, inspect, perform repairs, reenter it in the inventory – and it is ready to be sold again
  • If the customer expects a replacement item, we pick and pack it, insert the return label in the package and ship it the same day
  • Through full integration of the retailer’s inventory management system with ours, the retailer is quickly informed of the credit that they have to issue to their customer

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Improved operational efficiency

Growing business with better margins

The very definition of efficiency is the capacity to perform a task on time, at a lower cost, while maintaining the highest quality. Ability to reduce the cost of shipping as a percentage of sales is a key driver for retailers to achieve best business results; this becomes one of the emerging differentiators in e-commerce logistics.

SCI offers an unparalleled breadth of logistics capabilities. From import processing to forward distribution, product customization, transportation and reverse logistics, our goal is to streamline your supply chain, reduce your shipping costs and grow your online business to new heights. With 30 years of expertise, we’re confident we can help. We truly understand the logistical challenges of the vast Canadian geographic landscape and irregular population density, yet we deliver with 99.9% inventory accuracy and 99.9% on time delivery.

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More 3PLs are entering the order fulfillment space

Choose your partners wisely

As e-commerce becomes a highly promising segment, we’re seeing traditional logistics companies offering order fulfillment services. Although this may appear a logical expansion for their businesses, the reality is that most of them lack the infrastructure, experience, and robust WMS systems to fully support your digital channel.

Here are the key questions to ask a logistics company:

  • How much expertise does your team have in the retail and e-commerce order fulfillment space?
  • How do you ensure that the end consumers are satisfied with their experience while receiving the product?
  • Is real time visibility of your inventory offered throughout the order pick, pack, ship and delivery process?
  • What are your success metrics for on time delivery, dock to stock, fill rate, and order accuracy?
  • How do you manage consumer returns?
  • How do you manage client inventory across the country, including Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), and do you keep the service levels consistent?

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Customers are expecting faster delivery

Canadians in major cities expect it in 48 hours

SCI’s supply chain management will help your brand stand out from the crowd. Imagine your end consumer’s satisfaction with fast, reliable delivery times and the impact it can have to your bottom line.
While some retailers try to provide the 24 hour shipping window, it may be costly and not fully aligned with your end consumers’ expectations. Canadian online shoppers in major cities indicated that a 48 hour window works for them, and for more remote locations the delivery time for up to one week is satisfactory.

With 26 DCs, 41 field stocking locations, 8 transportation centres and access to the widest final mile delivery network in Canada, SCI will develop a solution that supports your needs today and will meet the requirements of your growing business tomorrow.

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Meeting seasonal demands

40% of retail sales happen in 6 weeks

SCI understands the retail business as people in our leadership team have held senior omni channel commerce roles prior to joining the company. They understand first-hand the challenges of seasonal demand fluctuations, product launches and promotional events. For most retailers, the sales during the peak seasons such as Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Week, or Back to School can be up to ten times higher than during an average month.

At SCI, we ship over 20 million items to consumers annually, and have more than a decade of experience in managing seasonality. Partnering with SCI will ensure that you excel through your peak season and achieve a profitable year.

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E-Commerce Success in Canada Depends on the Power of Two


SCI offers world class supply chain services. Check out the company’s performance record. How do your KPIs stack up against ours?

On-time delivery 99.9%
Dock to Stock 99.9%
Fill Rate 99.9%
Inventory Accuracy 99.9%


SCI knows how to handle apparel. Some of the best-known apparel retailers trust SCI to manage their supply chains and strengthen their brand by providing excellent experience to their end consumers. Tight cost control and careful inventory management, flexible and environment-friendly packaging methods, easy returns and timely delivery will drive your consumers’ satisfaction up. Your best-in-class apparel logistics is only a click away.


SCI is geared to simplify your supply chain processes. We are trusted by our retail partners as a reputable provider of specialized omni channel e-commerce services. Explore some of SCI’s specialized logistics services that help you focus on your core business:

SCI knows that POS repairs need to happen fast to keep your business running. Your cash register or pin pad is down? SCI’s reverse logistics solutions will fix or replace it, reducing dowtime. You can rely on the technicians who currently keep over 6,000 retail outlets operable across Canada

Retail Store Level POS Technical Support

Drop shipping logistics eliminates resources normally required as only one warehouse picks, packs, and ships products. SCI is able to assist clients in better understanding how drop shipping would work for your business, allowing you to determine if it’s the right time to move to this model

Retail Drop Shipping

Before imported products are shipped and delivered to the end consumer, they are stored at a Canadian Border Control warehouse until outstanding duties are paid, ultimately progressing into your supply chain without wasting any time at ports, and reaching your consumers faster

Retail Bonded Warehousing

SCI provides value-added logistics services, including kitting or assembling of separate but linked components, creating a complete product (for example, a phone with bluetooth headset and case), packaging of holiday baskets, gift cards, promotional displays and product insertions before shipping

Retail Value-Added Services