Because of the market’s pressure on margins in nearly all sectors, companies begin to expect more from their supply chain partners in terms of reducing costs and increasing efficiencies.

SCI has taken a step forward by recognizing the need to implement a robust Continuous Improvement program to regularly progress and enhance their operations. With the understanding that improvements could be achieved across all facilities and corporate functions, Six Sigma program was implemented across the entire company. There are 5 key areas of focus that SCI recognizes for their clients:

  • Reduced costs
  • Increased revenues
  • Improved safety
  • Fostering a better work environment
  • Enhanced customer experience

All of SCI’s continuous improvement initiatives are validated through a rigorous audit process to ensure their validity. The audit confirms that the results are measurable and the advantages are real and viable. Some of the KPIs that are monitored by SCI’s continuous improvement team include:

  • Number of ideas submitted
  • Number of projects implemented
  • Resulting financial impact (cost avoidance or reduction, revenue increase)
  • Safety improvement
  • Improved productivity

The program is highly effective. In 2015, 950 ideas were submitted and 470 of them (49.5%) were implemented. SCI focuses on projects to achieve operational performance improvements, and on team development including training, coaching and sharing expertise to develop and retain talent.

Clients also greatly benefit from this initiative and SCI’s lean corporate culture which is known for incorporating three main goals:

  • Improved customer experience
  • Consistent performance
  • Reduced cost

In addition to the continuous improvement programs, SCI puts a strong priority on Quality Management Systems (QMS) that impacts all the operational levels, including warehousing, transportation, value added services, repair or refurbishment, returns handling, etc. Through established processes and knowledge management, the QMS helps avoid any potential risks arousing from mishandling products or materials and resulting in damages, improper environmental controls, counterfeiting or tampering, compliant facilities, etc.

SCI has also established formal communication protocols to share with everyone the objectives, performances and monthly financial results, allowing for quick decision making and mobilization of resources.

Detailed and comprehensive training programs ensure that employees have the tools they need to effectively perform well, and are prepared to take on more responsibilities when opportunities arise.

From the President and CEO to the management team to the people on the warehouse floor, in the field and on the road, everyone at SCI has a large impact on the overall organization through the focus on one common goal – constantly getting better to benefit our valued clients.

Contact SCI today to learn more about our continuous improvement initiatives and our quality management systems, and how they can be beneficial for your organization’s supply chain.