SCI’s growth continuously outperforms the industry’s. SCI’s flat structure and talented team

with some of the top leaders in the country allow for fast and effective decision making.

Stable business backed by excellent financial performance

About Us SCI

Canada’s leading 3PL

For over 30 years, SCI has been making its clients’ businesses even better by expertly planning & managing their supply chain & logistics requirements. SCI manages over $1 billion in inventory every day for Retail, Technology & Healthcare customers.

Whether you are a growing mid-market company or a big business enterprise, SCI will provide the perfect supply chain service solution:

  • The broadest range of logistics services, such as order fulfillment & inventory management, technical services & much more
  • The most expansive coast-to-coast Canadian warehouse & distribution network
  • A wide range of transportation management solutions
  • A team of dedicated supply chain experts to help plan, build and operate the right logistics solution to propel your business far into the future

SCI’s outstanding reputation among omni-channel retailers, technology companies, healthcare organizations and manufacturers is living proof of the teams’ operational excellence, which includes:

  • Continuous improvement & quality management projects
  • Streamlining supply chain processes
  • Reducing costs, risk and complexity

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Omni Channel Retail

SCI understands today’s retailers’ unique challenges. Our innovative retail logistics solutions were designed to optimize product supply chain management, allowing you to respond to peak demands regardless of channel, while delivering an exceptional customer experience every time.


Technology logistics make your business better by reducing inventory levels & lowering distribution costs – enabling you to introduce products sooner. SCI’s end-to-end product lifecycle solutions reduce complexity and achieve operational efficiencies, saving you time & money.


For healthcare companies pursuing better outcomes through an efficient and responsive supply chain, SCI delivers configurable solutions backed by deep healthcare operational expertise, accountability, compliance, and the most comprehensive supply chain infrastructure network in Canada.


Expansive national network enables efficient distribution from coast to coast in Canada.

Distribution centres
Specialized transportation centres
Field stocking locations


SCI’s employees consistently rank client intimacy as the #1 priority*. This means integrating into a client’s organization in a manner that truly makes SCI the extension of the client’s team. SCI is considered a trusted partner by many top companies across Canada. Some major firms have maintained their relationships with SCI as clients for over 30 years. This level of trust can be only earned through hard work, operational excellence, and delivering outstanding service every day.

As client’s needs in supply chain and transportation management have evolved, SCI has expanded its breadth of services from simply logistics to full industry solutions. This investment was driven by SCI’s commitment to being a valued and integral part of its client success, and going an extra mile whenever there’s opportunity.

With a result-driven attitude, SCI takes pride in scoring high in metrics that reflect this philosophy, including a 94% Customer Satisfaction Rating and that 97% of customers would return for their additional logistics needs.
Let SCI create tailored and scalable supply chain solutions for your organization and experience the benefits of collaborating with a highly sought-after 3PL team.

*Annual Employee Surveys 2012-2015

New knowledge and grass-root creativity pave the way for innovation. In today’s highly competitive market, innovation strengthens our clients’ competitive advantage.

SCI promotes continuous improvement programs in the organization, encouraging the team to perfect the execution, make improvements for safety, challenge themselves and become fully involved in identifying imaginative and practical solutions to exceed and enhance corporate objectives.

At SCI, innovative thinking is encouraged. In 2015, SCI’s employees submitted 953 new ideas for improvements, and 471 of those were implemented and went on to deliver valuable results. These ideas translate into client benefits such as cost avoidance, cost reduction, revenue growth and increased capacities.

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A company the size of SCI, with coast-to-coast coverage, facilities in all the Canadian provinces and more than 2,000 employees, must rely on a very strong sense of teamwork and open communication practices to deliver the best possible results for clients.

Putting the team’s success first requires consideration for one another and full cooperation, but most importantly it requires everyone to be on the same page.

Open communication is critical, and involves sharing objectives, key performance indicators and results with the team in a very transparent manner. Team meetings are a crucial and consistent activity at SCI to ensure the entire team maintains a collective sense of awareness. As a very flat organization, SCI has the capacity to make quick, sound decisions and rapidly mobilize personnel.

Everyone contributes daily, and help from colleagues is always available. SCI provides strong leadership and encourages cross-training to improve process performance, always keeping in mind the clients, their needs and SCI’s commitment to make their business even better.

Achieving defined objectives requires a strong focus on client needs and results. Delivering the highest quality of service to your end customers is SCI’s absolute priority, and no effort will be spared to attain that goal.
Across the company, everyone takes responsibility to achieve the SLA. Continuous improvement programs, cross-training and frequent analysis are all exceptional opportunities to identify barriers to performance, generate ideas and implement flexible and scalable solutions to the greater benefit of our clients.

SCI’s clients expect the team to continue evolving, find ways to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and leverage technologies and resources to deliver an even greater performance. At SCI, accountability enables us to surpass your expectations and help your business thrive.

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I chose SCI not because I was recommended by a friend but because the day I went into the interview they made me feel comfortable and at ease. They were so friendly and welcoming so I said to myself this will be a great place for employment.
Maureen Redhead
Maureen Redhead
Material Handler
SCI offers the opportunity for everyone to better themselves in light of advancement in career paths. I had the opportunity to be involved in leadership and lean training programs which was vital in my development as a manager. Also, because of the very strong “Safety 1st” culture, there is much exposure to the world of health and safety, which is always prominent in leading third party logistics companies.
Michel Comtois
Michel Comtois
Operations Manager
SCI has given me the opportunity to grow with the company and allowed me to strengthen my skills as a Management Professional and as an individual. The people that make up the organization and the friendships I have made are what make it special.
Steve Sheppard
Steve Sheppard
General Manager, Operations